Wednesday, 6 April 2011

noo bloog poost.


now that i have your attention.

as you can see i have a lovely new header thing. i'm not exactly sure why it is what it is but it is what it is. groovy. i can't forget to mention that i had help from a lovely little copywriter (i'm sure there's irony in here somewhere).

i went to waiting room last night to go check out two acoustic artists, none of which were particularly mind-blowing, but i had a good time and it was a cool vaaaaaaaaib.

friends and i are thinking of possibly (i place stress/emphasis/lotion on "possibly") a cover band.


but listen to me for a moment. i reckon if i can use a skill i'm "good" at and pretty much bass (see what i did there? mwahaha) my life around to actually make some cash then thats pretty cool right? i actually really don't like money. obviously i can understand the "importance" of having money and being in a good financial state, but thats only because we as people have made it so. we created all this shit, this way of life that people feel we have to live by, this constant need or want to impress those around us. 

come on kids. we can do with a lot less.

ok... this turned out a lot more intense than anticipated...

listen to this song ----------> Meshuggah - Pineal Gland Optics

feel better? i doubt it but i do personally enjoy this little number.

life is calling so i must be off. so remember...
money is evil...
meshuggah is rad...
and tigers love baseball.


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  1. "Mama mia, here we go again, my my how can we resist you"

    -gideon de kock of "abba"