Tuesday, 12 April 2011



so i play in this band called like knives.

this is us
Photographer: Gerhard de Kock

we're quite a multicultural bunch as you can see.
i'm also very stoked to be able to play with such talented musicians.
i'm not sure what box you'd put us in but make sure its full of fun.


so i play in this other band called SUPERCANCER.

this is us
Photographer: Gerhard de Kock

now these two i like. 
they are two of the most talented musicians i know and i've had the privilege of jamming with them for the past 8-9 years (give or take).
i don't know where my life is going to take me but i'd like to take them with.
we will jam.
the jams will be iry.


so i play in this other, other band called Yes Sir! Mister Machine.

this is also us (ju is simply the arm on the left. sorry ju.)
Photographer: Luke Daniel
take the members from SUPERCANCER, add a particularly hip an attractive frontman and viola, it's delicious.
we've been together for about four years now and its been awesome as shit.
as the youth would say, we like to "rock out" on stage.
it's the most fun i can ever have.

(we're also playing this show on the 16th of april -------> that show on the 16th of april at roar for only R20. so come check it out)


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  1. Your blog header is great.
    now write something that I didn't know already.