Friday, 29 April 2011

royal weeding.

seeing as i'm not watching the royal wedding, i have decided to compile  this small list of things to keep one occupied.

1. stay warm, drink tea and enjoy the rain (well, in somerset west anyways).

2. play the new mortal kombat.
 its really awesome. a pleasant surprise actually seeing as i wasn't expecting it to be this fun. loads of content. cool story mode. the voice acting is even worth mentioning. think of it as playing through an incredibly entertaining B-grade action movie, with bloooooooooooooooood.

3. listen to the new album by And So I Watch You From Afar.
i just put it on now and so far so good. their previous album blew my mind a bit so my expectations are a little high. once i've given it a proper listen ill give a little mini review or whatever.

(listen to me)

4. drink more tea. tea is awesome.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

we are not alone.

"The Sun reports the lifeless "body" was found in snow in the Irkutsk region of southern Siberia following reports of a "pink and blue glowing object" which crashed from the sky.
The "extra-terrestrial" appears to have lost a limb.
Even the country's Emergencies Ministry staff have investigated the incident after investigators said no aircraft were reported in the area.
Search and rescue teams found no evidence of an aircraft crash.

Read more:"

mmmmmm... real? fake? 
my brother claims he saw a strange light in the sky the other night.

you kids enjoy your day now.

Monday, 25 April 2011

this is jersey weather.

its been a while.
for that i apologise.

moving swiftly on...
i'm stoked to get hold of the new mortal kombat, i've been listening to Every Time I Die again lately (good strumming practice ill have you know) and i've been looking after my parents house with a beard.
its also gotten particularly wintery out here.

i'm going to go have band practice with these two lovely men now.

babaaaaaaai x

Saturday, 16 April 2011

so my town is kinda burning down.

so as you can see my town is slowly burning down. people have been evacuated and 10 houses have apparently burnt down. the fire has been going since this morning.

this isn't very cool.

i'm off to go play some speed metal with Yes Sir! Mister Machine tonight. should be a goody.
lets hope my house doesn't burn down.


Thursday, 14 April 2011

the INTERNET: "so what did you do today gideon?"

gideon: "well, the INTERNET, i got myself this korg pitchblack+ tuner second hand today. yuss.

the tuner. duuuuuuuh.

gideon: "i also managed to get a hold of deftones' self-titled album for little over R70. marvelous.

the album. duuuuuuuuuh.

gideon: "thats about it really. though i a...



thats about it really. though i am really looking forward to the YS!MM show on saturday (if you're reading this hopefully you are to). it's been a while. i'm looking forward to sharing the stage with those lovely gentlemen. i'm also looking forward to next weeks like knives show.

bugger off.

crooks and lovers.

this song is awesome. i love how it slowly finds its feet.
the video is cool too. 

now go illegally download this album.

oh... good morning.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011



so i play in this band called like knives.

this is us
Photographer: Gerhard de Kock

we're quite a multicultural bunch as you can see.
i'm also very stoked to be able to play with such talented musicians.
i'm not sure what box you'd put us in but make sure its full of fun.


so i play in this other band called SUPERCANCER.

this is us
Photographer: Gerhard de Kock

now these two i like. 
they are two of the most talented musicians i know and i've had the privilege of jamming with them for the past 8-9 years (give or take).
i don't know where my life is going to take me but i'd like to take them with.
we will jam.
the jams will be iry.


so i play in this other, other band called Yes Sir! Mister Machine.

this is also us (ju is simply the arm on the left. sorry ju.)
Photographer: Luke Daniel
take the members from SUPERCANCER, add a particularly hip an attractive frontman and viola, it's delicious.
we've been together for about four years now and its been awesome as shit.
as the youth would say, we like to "rock out" on stage.
it's the most fun i can ever have.

(we're also playing this show on the 16th of april -------> that show on the 16th of april at roar for only R20. so come check it out)


crystal planet.

Dr. Robutnik is a experimental/hip-hop/electronic (or something like that) artist.
he's also awesome.
he currently has two releases,

Dr. Robutnik - Operations: Prelude (2009)


Dr. Robutnik - For Those Who have Left the Ground (2009)
i also quite like the album cover on For those Who have Left the Ground. i like it quite a bit.

i'm off to go do productive things with my time (unless of course you count this as productive?)


Saturday, 9 April 2011


"i don't want your alchohol"

he doesn't want your alchohol. 

we wrote a new song at band practice today. 
this one has definitely taken its time. 
a slightly "moodier" tune in fact.


Friday, 8 April 2011

goodbye wrestlercats.

said goodbye to some lovely wrestlers today.

lovely wrestlers.

it was simply peachy to have them as usual.

(i think i had a mini epiphany/revelation today.)

(i like it.)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

noo bloog poost.


now that i have your attention.

as you can see i have a lovely new header thing. i'm not exactly sure why it is what it is but it is what it is. groovy. i can't forget to mention that i had help from a lovely little copywriter (i'm sure there's irony in here somewhere).

i went to waiting room last night to go check out two acoustic artists, none of which were particularly mind-blowing, but i had a good time and it was a cool vaaaaaaaaib.

friends and i are thinking of possibly (i place stress/emphasis/lotion on "possibly") a cover band.


but listen to me for a moment. i reckon if i can use a skill i'm "good" at and pretty much bass (see what i did there? mwahaha) my life around to actually make some cash then thats pretty cool right? i actually really don't like money. obviously i can understand the "importance" of having money and being in a good financial state, but thats only because we as people have made it so. we created all this shit, this way of life that people feel we have to live by, this constant need or want to impress those around us. 

come on kids. we can do with a lot less.

ok... this turned out a lot more intense than anticipated...

listen to this song ----------> Meshuggah - Pineal Gland Optics

feel better? i doubt it but i do personally enjoy this little number.

life is calling so i must be off. so remember...
money is evil...
meshuggah is rad...
and tigers love baseball.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

the inevitable pro-beard post.

i've recently been sent on this quest, this quest is very important, it's filled with danger and all kinds of treasure, this quest, THE quest to grow a lovely BEARD.

it is but an infant, but in time it will shine.

i'm going to go ahead and apologize for this entire post, i've just been out, i'm now back home, goodnight.

groovy tuneage.

i listen to a lot of music.

i'm glad i'm back in this frame of mind. having studied sound engineering and eventually majoring in band recording, i took a very different approach when i listened to music. there was a stage last year where i just didn't and couldn't listen to music; this "stage" lasting about 6 months or so. i'd think to myself...

"is this snare sounding alright?"

"what about the compression on the vox?"

"those strings sound too digital"

"the bit rate is WAY to low for me"

you know... that sorta thing.
don't get me wrong though, sound engineering is a future career choice, just not whilst i have all this groovy music to listen to.

these are just some of the bands and albums that have been releasing endorphins in my brain lately.

Poison the Well - Versions 

god where do i start? this band is awesome. having been one of the first bands to introduce me to hardcore and heavy music they've stayed with me for a long time. i'd purchased this album years ago but i felt that i've only finally understood it in the past month or so. a particularly "different" album for hardcore in 07. i highly recommend this band and album; everything from the lyrics, vocals and instrumentation is fantastic. this album also has a great sound from an engineers perspective. the kit sounds like a kit, the guitars are nice and roomy and as with the bass they both share awesome tones.
emotive stuff.

Gonjasufi - A Sufi And A Killer

i recently got a hold of this artist and its some interesting stuff. enjoying the elements of psychedelia, digging the vox, the whole sound and tone of the album and the overall strangeness of it all.
he definitely smokes a lot of weed and/or takes a lot of shrooms.

Meshuggah - Chaosphere
progressive metal/math metal

i actually fucking love this band. 
i've been aware of this band for a long time but only really gave them the time of day a couple of months ago. these crazy swedish gentlemen play some heavy stuff, the first track off this album probably being one of the heaviest songs i've ever heard. very mathy, crazy time signatures, jazz elements and a solid solid lineup. these guys are all excellent musicians and are super tight. i definitely think my bass playing has been inspired in some way by this band. also i'm a big fan of the meshuggah snare sound (very genre specific though) and vocalist. how he keeps up with the rest of the band is quite impressive.
i could probably go on... but trust me for now when i say this band is saweeeeeet.
Chaosphere was their 1998 release and is also saweeeeeet.

Star Slinger - Remixes 2010

also a more recent find (thanks karl) i've been enjoying. his other albums are definitely leaning more towards the instrumental hip-hop side whereas this remix album is leaning more towards his electronica side. very cool album, also good for a late night listen. "Alpine - Icypoles" is my favourite track on the album so far.

Ghost Mutt - Sasquatch EP
glitch/dubstep/abstract hip-hop

don't know much about this artist other than the fact that he is a producer/dj from Brighton and has something like 3700 plays on his account. he also plays with Slugabed so i think this makes him a cool dude. the music is rad too.

Protest The Hero - Scurrilous 
progressive/technical metal

Protest The Hero's new album is awesome. i've never been a big fan of the 80's but his vocals in this album are tops (even if very iron maideny). very tech obviously, so everyone has a chance to have a wank on this album, though a very tasteful wank i might add. i like how the kit sound isn't your typical metal kit sound either, i mean, for starters it sounds like a real drum kit (OMG). the last song on the album is about the Jonas brothers filming a porno. 

i'd go as far as to post links for these albums but i'm going to claim i'm too lazy. 


Monday, 4 April 2011

cats don't need titles.

then there were two.

morning world.

gaze upon this flyer.

see it?


this delicious piece of art was done by a good friend and lover of mine, Franco Fernandes. i think he did an awesome friggin job. seriously. it's a pity working is generally considered to be his kryptonite because he's probably one of the most talented people i know. i also play bass in Yes Sir! Mister Machine, so you should consider coming to watch us because we'll be good (hopefully) and you'll have fun and we'll have fun and then everyone will be happy.

(you can get all the show details right about... here)

Sunday, 3 April 2011


So this is my first "post" eh?

Not so sure how I feel about that... but moving swiftly along.

Seeing as I'm in need of things to keep me busy at the moment, I thought this could be one of them. I enjoy a good ol' write here and there so why not do it somewhere where it can be mildly entertaining for those who choose it?

Or not... It is your choice after all.

For those of you who are wandering "whose this douchebag and why is his blog so white?", wander no more. I like music, I like playing music, I like the bass guitar, I like videogames, I like life and I like to do combinations of all of these. (this blog will likely feature many of these gripping topics)

So until next time.