Thursday, 12 May 2011


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so i survived joburg.

jacques was a delicious host. he had a incredibly comfortable couch, many teacups, a lovely fake fire and a pool. all were used in excess except for the pool, due to the weather of course, duuuuuuuuhh. not that i'm to familiar with joburg weather but it seemed quite strange that we had so much rain on top of the cold. gosh-darn global warming.

but back to all thats important... music...

friday we/fire through the window played a show at a new venue called Arcade Empire. it was rad. we played  a more chilled, "soft" jam which i for one wasn't prepared for. needless to say i played a bit like a turd but it was cool nonetheless. the burgers were simply splendid.

saturday we drove all the way to potch. i kinda got  a bit of a stellenbosch vibe out of the place which was cool, making me feel right at home. i consumed some brandys and coke (the R8.50 amount for a double was a lie werner, i payed R12 goddammit) and watched young mk band, alleen na desember. people were bobbing there afrikaans heads (as we do) and they were done. we had a rad jam on stage (seeing as the night before acted as a nice band practice for me) and the kids looked like they enjoyed the vibe.

sunday we played at the voortrekker monument outside of pretoria. we were pretty stoked to play to the 800+ people who were attending on facebook. well... OBVIOUSLY the other 700 people were just incredibly late because by the time we played it was pretty chilled. but... the sun was out, i was wearing shorts and  i think we played a cool set.

so thats that... all the inbetween rubbish is me telling you about how much tea we drank, how i listened to the new manchester orchestra album, hotdogs, jager, roald dahl, that one incredibly pink family and all the other incredibly rubbish, boring and irrelevant subject matter.

come watch... wait... thats just disgusting... ew.

tomorrow i fly to durban. gotta get myself to the airport at 05:00AM. so i'm uber keen. er... i'm running out of tea. so i got to go run, before i embarrass myself.


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