Thursday, 5 May 2011

fires all over pretoria this weekend.

fire through the window

just look at how pretty they all are.

recently i've started helping out fire through the window as their replacement bassist whilst keagan (he's the bearded man in the middle), is abroad. so yes. we've played a few shows together and its been rad. the guys are all awesome and i find  it's always interesting playing with a new group of musicians. they've been together for a while now and they're deliciously catchy, so check them out. if you're in pretoria however, then stop what you're doing and give these lovelies a gander.

fri 6 may - Isochronous,Fire through the Window & AlanLetsMoveOn! @Matthews Kitchen Launch

sat 7 may - FTTW & Alleen Na Desember LIVE in POTCH!!

sun 8 may - PARK ACOUSTICS presents Desmond & The Tutus's, Taxi Violence, & more...

(those dates ARE in fact this weekend)

so there you have it.

oh... i'm also playing at The Waiting Room on monday with SUPERCANCER. i'd post the event or whatever, but we don't have one. yet. how silly.

its cold.

(interesting article i just read... On Osama Bin Laden’s Death.)

this is far more interesting and relevant though.

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